• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 7.–16. March 2019
  • Performances, installations, talks,
    seminars and festival club
  • Ingri Fiksdal(NO)
  • Shadows of Tomorrow
  • Sunday 10,19.00
  • Monday 11,18.00

Shadows of Tomorrow is a reworking of the Fiksdal production BAND from 2013. In this production she wants to re-create the immersive experience of a psychedelic concert, but only through the movement of bodies and light; there is no music to be heard. Originally a poem by the pioneer of Afrofuturism, Sun Ra, Shadows of Tomorrow lends its title to a track on the Madvillain album Madvillainy by Madlib and MF Doom, key figures within the genre of psychedelic hip-hop. Drawing on this genre, with multiple beats that move through and between the bodies in space, the light design acts as an intensifier of the experience and creates additional movement and rhythm. A mesmerizing experience.

Ingri Fiksdal has gained an international reputation as a choreographer. Her work has been co-produced and presented by Black Box teater on several occasions. The performance Night Tripper received the Natt & Dags Oslo Award and HOODS was awarded the Dance Critics Award from the Norwegian Critics’ Association. Cosmic Body was nominated for The Hedda Award for Best Scenography and Costume Design. Her recent work Diorama for Huk was presented during Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival in March 2018.

  • Duration: 40 minutes.
  • Choreography: Ingri Fiksdal.
  • Light: Ingeborg Staxrud Olerud.
  • Costume: Elena Becker, Ingri Fiksdal.
  • With support from: Signe Vasshus, Mia Melinder.
  • Dancers: Sudesh Adhana, Alma Bø, Rosalind Goldberg, Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal, Venke Sortland, Charlott Utzig, Anna Benedicte Andresen, Rebekka Andresen, Edith Askeland, Jonathan Ibsen, Natanya Helena Kjølås, Sarah Louise Fischer Luckow, Tormod Skår Midtbø, Nicole Niess, Natalia Oksanen, Vivian Pakkanen, Morten H. Stenersen, Lisa Teige, Panisara Wanlopbanhan.
  • Produsent / Producer: Eva Grainger, Nicole Schuchardt.
  • Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Program for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid.