• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 7.–16. March 2019
  • Performances, installations, talks,
    seminars and festival club
  • Roza Moshtaghi(IR/NO)

  • Friday 8,19.00
  • Saturday 9,19.00

ONLY FOREVER is an interaction between dance and imagery, between constant flow and the urge to create fixed and stable facts. Roza Moshtaghi seeks to redefine and eliminate boundaries, allowing opposites to travel through and across them. Addressing the ambiguity of authorship, the performance reaches beyond the many borders that separate, occupy and control us. It brings us to the membrane between inside/outside, audience/performer and image/reality. Boundaries are made penetrable, inhabiting a world of infinite redefinition and recombination. ONLY FOREVER challenges the common notion of separation, offering new perspectives on what we are and what we can become.

Roza Moshtaghi is a choreographer and performer born in Iran. She now lives and works in Oslo. Questions on how buildings, streets, nature, events, bodies, and objects in general react or adapt to structures have been crucial to most of her work. Roza holds an MA in choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She presents her works internationally and continues to develop projects with other artists, both as a collaborator and as a performer. Her most recent projects are Flinch (2017), The smell of its shirt (2016) and Water Graffiti (2016).

  • Location: Bankplassen 4
  • Duration: 70 minutes.  
  • We kindly ask you to be punctual. No late comers admitted.

ONLY FOREVER is made in a close  collaboration together  with: 

  • Choreographer, artist and performer: Roza Moshtaghi
  • Artist, performer and producer: Trine Lise Moe
  • Artist, scenography and performer: Ronak Moshtaghi
  • Artist, sound design/performer: Josefine Jussi Andersson
  • Artist and performer: Aslak Aune Nygård
  • Supported by: Arts Council Norway